I’ve been addicted to Etsy lately. I wish I had more money. For many reasons… but, really, who needs a reason to want money? I need more to be able to pay my bills. With the gas prices going up the way they are, I don’t even know if I can afford to drive to work! Also, I am obsess with Etsy.com There are so many talented people. I’ve actually ordered some all natural vegan bath products. I have some friends who have ordered these and they LOVE it. She also has very sensitive skin, so I’m not very concerned about that. I’ve made my own Etsy shop and have a few photos up for sale, I’m still getting around to formatting my pictures so that they can be uploaded. I used to do stained glass and have all sorts of supplies and tools. I could make little pendants and suncatchers and then sell them on Etsy. I also knit and crochet and have tubs of yarn to do stuff with. Maybe I will knit up some small items. Give me a little spare cash. Something to think about.

I called SSA and changed my appt to an in-person interview, however, it’s still on June 13. Meaning I have to get all my stuff in order before than. I see my primary tomorrow and am going to bring in the necessary paperwork and talk to her about disability. Ask for a letter stating that I am, in fact, disabled and won’t be able to work full-time, if at all. See if she has the notes from the geneticist and talk about where to go from there (ie pain management, which drs to see, etc). I’m also going to call the geneticist and get some more info from her. I have questions about the skin biopsy, whether or not I will need to get it for disability, and ask her for the clinical notes to support my case. I am starting a Medical/SSDI binder where I will keep all my documents, info on EDS, and other stuff related to medical and SSDI. That way it will help my stay more organized and hopefully save me from massive brain fog.