I finally got the film back on from the roll I started way back in October. Not everything is scanned in yet. Just a few. However, the scans don’t do the actual prints any justice. For one thing they aren’t Sepia toned… they are actually B&W. Anyway, I will post a few more when I have some time.

Right now I am reading a lot. Current read is Girl with the Pearl Earing . So far I have been liking it.

Other news, I got some really good ankle stabilizers today from my dr. They are the AirSport by Aircast. You can check them out at the AirCast website. She wanted to hook me up with better wrist braces but they didn’t carry any in my size… I will have to see if the people at the pain clinic can custom make them for me. Which, by the way, I will be going to on Monday the 7th! Whoot!

Now I must go rest…