So, I went to the Occupational therapist and turns out my hands are more hyperextensible that I originally thought. She is ordering a finger splint sizing kit and is going to hook me up with some. I also have hyper extensibility in my shoulders quite a bit, which I knew, but seeing the numbers… its like, WOW. She is also going to bring in some custom wrists splints to see how I like those. It also turns out that while I have hyper mobility in my larger joints of my arms, I have a lot of weakness in my wrists and hands… so that will be something to work on. Hopefully the new splints will help.

I am still waiting to go back to Mass Gen for the meeting with their psych for the opioid assessment. In the meantime I am taking vicodin for pain. Also, I have another appt set up with the Geneticist with my brother so he can be evaluated and find out which type we have.

That’s about it…