I bruised my tailbone… yes, I rock. It’s a rather dumb way though… I was crouching over my bag (a position that I should know better than to attempt) trying to find my keys. I lost balance and fell backwards, yep… you got it, right on my tailbone. Apparently the jolt from hitting the concrete was enough to make my pelvis shift in every which way. So now I lay here with pillows under my knees in attempt to take the pressure of my tailbone and pelvis. Oh, and did I mention that I am out of pain meds. Yep. That sucks. I took some tylenol thinking that maybe, just maybe, it will have some sort of affect. Yea, no, total wishful thinking there.

On the other hand, the weekend was pretty good. Yesterday I actually had a very good day, not in a lot of pain and wasn’t completely fatigued (even though I paid for it today). My friend came down and we went for some Frozen Mudslides and some amazing appetizers at Joe’s Bar and Grille. Then we went to the bookstore where I spent money I shouldn’t have spent… hey, it’s books. A good investment. From there we went for latte’s and split a cookie. It really was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

On the way home, however, my friend’s car got a flat. Not just a typical flat. No, the inside of the tire was SHREDDED. WTF, yo? I know how to change a flat tire, however, given my current state of physical incapacity, me changing the tire is not an option. I ask alison to look in her trunk for a jack and a lug wrench. I am answered by “*raises eyebrow*.” We both go into the trunk and pull out: 2 boxes of random kitchenware, a coffee maker that’s missing the pot, a flamingo missing his feet, a baby doll, some sunglasses, laundry detergent, and… a GIANT PIGGY BANK. Of which I decided to compensate. More on that later. Anyway, we eventually find the jack and lug wrench after emptying the trunk of the aforementioned items. The jack/lugwrench contraption is noteably… crap. After trying to figure out said crap contraption some awesome dudes wearing Obama tshirts stopped to help us. They took a look at the crap contraption and went to their car to get the proper instruments and changed the tire in no time. Thank awesome dudes wearing Obama tshirts. Good people willing to help stranded females in a not so nice part of town do exist! Yay!

We get back to the house and my friend decided to stay over, she didn’t want to drive the hour it would take her to get home on a donut. I don’t blame her. So we make some version of a white russian that totally needed more soy milk. They rocked. My friend told me about how Mr. Big Ass Pig no longer was able to stay with her and was doomed to a yard sale. I protested saying that I would take custody of the pig…. and decided to repaint him. Oh yes. He is now totally RAD! Pictures will be taken once he is completely finished.

In conclusion, yesterday was a really good day despite the flat tire. This morning was relatively good too. Choc Chip pancakes for breakfist. Totally Win. Falling while trying to get keys out. Fail.

Tomorrow is the 3rd appt at the pain clinic (I thought it was going to be 2 at the most…) Hopefully they have figured out some sort of treatment plan for me.