ok, so it wasn’t really that exciting, just painful.  Turns out my ilium (hip bone) on my left side was rotated backwards and dislocated from my fall.  Fun times.  My PT did a lot of work on it and sort of got it back, it didn’t last though.  All week I’ve been in a lot of pain.  My elbows are giving me more and more problems… and, of course, the fatigue.  The horribly debilitating fatigue.

I went back to the pain clinic to talk to the Pain Psychologist who did the risk assessment for opioid treatment.  He said I wasn’t at risk at all.  Duh!  …and from my questionaires I averaged a 7/10 on the pain scale on an average day.  Wow.  I considered my average to be about a 4-5/10 on an average good day.  I guess I underestimate my pain.  The Pain Psych told me that he feels I have too many drs, to which I agree, and to fire some.   Especially my rheumatologist who is ignorant and a jackass and believes that I do not have EDS based on the fact that my skin isn’t very stretchy and that I haven’t had the skin biopsy to prove it.  Well, the GENETICIST says so… so there!  Anyway, he told me to fire the rheumy, of which I will do because all he does is stress me out and make me angry.  The next thing was a referral to the Physiatrist in the practice.  He feels that all my drs aren’t looking the big picture, the whole body, only looking and treating different parts and symptoms.  EDS is a multi-faceted condition and needs to be treated as a whole.  So, of to the Physiatrist on the 15th.  I talked to the Pain Psych what he felt about using a wheelchair for really bad days.  His concern was me losing strength.  I explained to him that I am very commited to PT and willing to try anything, but that there are some days that are extremely painful.  Other days where there are group activities that I pass on because it’s too much walking, or too long of a day.  Having access to a wheelchair would mean a better quality of life.  I wouldn’t have to worry about how long we were out, how much walking there is to do, what happens if I get too fatigued.  I could actually enjoy being out, rather than miserable and thus, making my friends uncomfortable.  It’s not the answer to everything but I believe it will broaden up some options for me.  The Pain Psych really considered this and though it made sense, but to talk to the physiatrist about it.  So that’s what I’m going to do.  For now, I have a Rollator (Rolling Walker) that has turned out to be SO much better than the forearm crutches.  Less pressure on my upper limbs, and a much smoother walk… no jolting from the crutches hitting the ground.  All I have to do now is find the most comfortable height for me.  So, that’s about it for now…  I will have more to post soon.