More and more companies are making their facilities handicap accessable, and I am ever so grateful as I am losing more and more of my ability to ambulate without aids.  Then, I came across this article from and was all “yay” when I saw the interesting ways companies are making their facilities handicap/disability accessible.  However, there are still some places that seem to have gotten distracted in the middle of converting there accessability to include the disabled. As is the case with one building in particular in my city.

I had an appointment and managed to park close to the building as I do not yet have my disability parking permit.  I get out of the car, hobble to the other side to pull out The Rollator (aka rolling walker) and start making my way towards the ramp.  Whoot! A Ramp! Said ramp was slippery from the previous rain shower and I did some sort of shuffle-scoot (which I am sure provided entertainment to anyone within 50 feet) to prevent myself from slipping, even though it did not prevent my ankle from twisting.  But hey, no worries, at least this place is handicap accessible!!!  The lack of elevator, though, somewhat had me stymied.  How am I going to get to my appointment located on the bottom floor?  My options seem to be a.) try to manage down the stairs with my 12lb walker with 8in wheels b.) scoot down on my bottom or C.) go back home and cancel the meeting.  So from the outside, sure, its handicap accessible.  On the inside, on the other hand, I guess I need to come up with some sort of “macguivered” dumbwaiter system.”

Anyway, while I am grateful for those building that have become accessible to ALL of the public, there are still some that need some work.