Good news, I’m working with my OT to relearn how to knit with braces on so that it doesnt hurt!  Whoot!  I miss knitting.  I’m a hardcore knitter, too.  I bought a knitting loom for simpler projects, but I love doing lacework and cabling.  OT really has been so helpful in the adaptation process.  I bring in different things that I want to be able to do again, and we try to figure out the best way to do it.  I have a foamy tube for my drawing utensils and paintbrushes.  I wrapped some other utensils with Cabon/VetWrap to make it squishy and easier to hold on to.  My silver finger splints came in.  They are the Murphy brand.  They don’t quite do the job.  See, I have thin fingers but HUGE knuckles.  We think that if we widen the splints a little so that there is a bigger angle, it will do what it is supposed to, as well as still fitting.  We will see next week how it goes.

I’ve been in a lot more pain lately.  PT is still really hard.  We were working on some ankle strengthening stuff and I was ok at the time, but afterwards my ankle was screaming.  We are talking about getting new ASOs for my ankles.  The one’s I have aren’t doing the job.  We are looking at the Malleo-Loc, which is a lot more supportive.  It’s solid and formed to my ankle.  Maybe having my ankles in better position will help my knees and hips a bit.  My left leg is rotating inward when i step, and the right swings.  Fun stuff.  I’m also having a lot of neck pain, may look into a soft cervical collar for doing things at home and car rides.  Not use it all the time though.  Just when I need it.  I am seeing a new pain clinic on wednesday.  I am looking forward to it.  I told PT and she knows the dr’s there and is looking forward to what they have to say.  I need to start making a list of things I want to discus with them.  Hopefully they will be able to offer something to help.  
OH!  I almost forgot.  I talked to the reviewer guy that’s dealing with my SSDI application and he said that it’s in medical review and that if I get a mental status report from my Psychiatrist I don’t have to go to theirs, which would be awesome.  I also had an updated report sent from my geneticist to him and one for my medical binder.  Hopefully that will get an answer soon!
In other non-medical related stuff, I am going to be submitting an essay/short story to a book to be published.  The book is about troubled teens.  I’m going to write about the stuff I had to deal with as a teen.  Some pretty heavy stuff.  When it’s done and you want to read it yourself you can email me and I will send you a copy.  I’ll keep you all updated on that.  I don’t want it available to anyone.  What would be the point of being published?  haha.  I also want to start putting together a book on dealing with EDS.  I have an outline made out.  If anyone would like to contribute to it, feel free to email me.  I wont be starting that project till after the first one is done.  
I can’t think of much more to write at the moment…  so, I’m off to relax and finish watching Empire Strikes Back.  Whoot