Being able to run, for one.  I actually have dreams of taking a jog around the city, I’m not even kidding.  Actual dreams.  Other things, being able to take a leisurely walk with my expensive camera and working on photography, riding my bike, etc etc etc.  I’m learning to do new things.  My OT is “re-teaching” me how to knit with my myriad of splints on so that I don’t hurt myself.  My aunt and mom are helping me learn to bead.  My mom has almost no use of her right arm due to a brain/neck/shoulder injury, so if she can figure out a way, I sure as hell can.  So I’m learning new things to do.  One of the main things  I miss is musical theater and singing.  I can actually sing and am decent at it, but with the EDS My ribs will do something funky and I choke in the middle of a phrase….  not the most melodic.  haha…  anyway, so in tribute here’s is some ear and eye (Antonio Banderas) candy  for your enjoyment.