I went to a pain management guy, and he put my one Ultram ER 200mg (whoot extended release super tylenol) and then Ultracet (ooooh, more super tylenol, with… wait for it…. TYLENOL). What the hell is that going to fix. I understand that it works for some, but for other, like me… it doesn’t. Then I am on Cymbalta (from my psychiatrist), which I really do need because I do suffer from depression and severe anxiety since I was a child, but it needs to be raised (a whole other story, not bad, just a different story). Then Pain Dr decided to through in Lyrica, which practically made me blind. I called them, they say stop and I go back and decide to put me on Neurontin. So… what do I do for the acute pain??? Halloween weekend I displaced my collarbone, the ER didn’t want to try to manipulate it for fear of making it worse. Last weekend (still feeling the effects) I subluxed my right shoulder and now my muscle, ligaments/tendons, and soft tissues are all impinged. I didn’t go to the ER, I was just there… and they wouldn’t have been able to do anything anyway. I started with a new PT yesterday and he said the my shoulder is rolled too far forward causing the impingements. Fantastic. The my spin is twisted, which I know, and is causing constant vertabral sprains. OH yea, and my L5 vertebra is stuck out of place causing most of the twisting, pelvic issues, a lot of nerve stuff, etc etc. My ribs are shifting… so much fun.

Now, at 10pm at night, after trying multiple things.  I can NOT get comfortable no matter what I try to do. I’ve tried multiple positions, bracing, pain killers (ultracet, heh, glorified tylenol if you ask me), valium, lying on the floor, sitting up straight, a few of the PT exercises… I am so unbelievably uncomfortable. The meds I am on aren’t doing a damn thing. I’m on Cymbalta 60mg, Neurontin 300mg, ultram er 200mg, valium 10mg prn, and ultracet 37.5/325mg (2pills 4x daily). What’s next? Increasing the drugs, because they don’t want to go to opiates?