Ok, So I have this problem…  I’m a pack rat when it comes to yarn.  I see pretty, soft, funky, etc yarn, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!  It’s gotten bad.  I’ve started to organize my stash and it really put into perspective how much yarn I actually have.  So, after going through about 3 bags and 1 giant tupperware tote I’ve nearly filled up the 2 hanging shelf things I bought for the closet and I still have another big tupperware tote, a basket, and a few more bags to go.  Sigh…  I need to buy a few more of those hanging things.  Then…  no more buying yarn.  I am following Presents Knits method of destashing and not buying until your stash is gone. It’s kind of like a 12 step program.  Seriously read her blog.  If you have the same impulse yarn buying issues I do, this will help!