It’s sure has been quite some time since I’ve last posted.   Things have been absolutely crazy on my end.  Still trying to figure out a good pain management.  So far: Ultram ER 300mg, Ultracet 37.5 every 4hrs as needed, Neurontin 300mg 3x Daily, Cymbalta 60mg, Valium 10mg every 4hrs as needed, Ambien 10mg at night (and I still don’t sleep more than a few hrs between the neurontin, ambien, and valium).  I’ve changed PT’s because the first one was pushing me too hard and I ended up hurt after every session.  The new guy was really good.  Was with him for about a month and a half–then, no insurance.  That’s right.  I don’t have medical insurance anymore.  

After a day of freaking out and sobbing about what will happen, neil, my mom, and my shrink, came up with a game plan.  I am working with a lawyer who is taking care of all the paperwork, even the medicaid that is separate from SSDI.  I am so grateful that he is offering to do everything  for me.  
I contacted my primary care physician and explained to her my situation, she said that she will talk to both my psychiatrist and my pain dr, to work on a better pain management that won’t interfere with my psych issues.  She also said that for the brand name meds I could get samples.  The generic stuff I could go to walmart, they have the $4 dollar script program.  I think Rite Aid also has a program (that’s where all my stuff is, and they know me).  
My Shrink is going to work something out  for me.  Phone sessions for a bit, until I figure out my financial situation and if I need to come in to see her she’ll give me a decreased flat rate.  It sounds doable.  Especially if I get the state program stuff to come in.  The only other issues I’m worried about is the pain dr and my psychiatrist visits.  
Hopefully, things will go through quickly and hassle free, but anyone who has had to deal with the system, it takes forever.  I refilled everything that I could refill before I lost the insurance. At least for that.
As for some more upbeat things, I am really wanting to get back into art.  I think I’m going to make a new blog that is strictly for my artwork, until I get my own website up and running.  I joined a website with many tips and advice for anything art related.  The people there are very helpful and encouraging.