So, this blog is going to be full of whining and bitching. You have been forwarned.

On monday I slipped down a few (4/5) stairs and landed funny-y’all with EDS or a Chronic Pain condition knows what such a thing can do to you– mostly on my elbow and wrist on the stair railing. It hurt, so I planted myself on the couch with Lido patches up and down my spine and SI joints… (I’m little it doesn’t take much, I only had to use two). Iced my elbow and wrist. Ya know, the normal RICE protocol. Went to bed, woke up the next morning with my hand swollen… and i was like, oh crap I forgot to wear my wrist splints… until neil looked at my hand and arm and went “holy shit.” My entire arm from elbow to finger tips was swollen–I never swell. This was so swollen that you couldn’t see my wrist or and of my ligaments or bone indentations (like I said, I’m little and my bones are fairly prominant). Again… Ice on and off, 20min intervals. Burning, prickling pain from the swelling impinging a nerve, I suppose. I had petichiae all over, still do, but not as bad. So, two days of icing and not using my arm the swelling finally went down. It still hurts, but I can handle it. I think it must of subluxed or something, and caused a muscle/tendon sprain/strain…. whatever.

To add to the excitement I just now dislocated my big toe walking down stairs. WTF STAIRS.

I swear, the next place we move to is going to beall one floor.