I had an idea today, and actually felt up to working on it (who knew!!). Yes, another project! Now, I have problems with pacing myself and tend to keep working on a project well after I should have stopped for a break. Before I knew it my good friend Mr. Raynauds decided to come for a visit. My hands were burning from being so cold. My fingers had started to turn grey and I figured I should stop for the moment. I was working on the computer (the iMac) for about 3 hours!!

….and had accomplished pretty much nothing. Sigh. I made myself dinner and a cup of tea to warm up as well as climb under my protective layers of a Snuggie, electric blanket, and afghan. Yes, I was that cold. I went back up to the iMac and worked for a few more hours and actually made some headway in making a nice background for my website. With the excitement of finishing the page I found the energy to keep going and start to edit the website. Skip ahead a few hours and the FAIL sets in. I couldn’t figure how to get it to work the way I wanted it. I gave up for the night and then the full impact of the stress I put my body under hit me. My neck hurt, pressure in my head, low back pain, hand achey, etc. Sigh.

If I look at things half-full I did get a bunch of stuff done. It’s just, I could do without the soreness.

Tomorrow is my first Aqua Therapy appt. We’ll see how it goes. I also need to talk to the PT about the wheelchair. I need one with a tilt function to relieve the pressure on my pelvis and spine. It will also allow me to rest a bit for when I get tired, lightheaded, or dizzy. Most likely the Quickie Zippy TS. What’s really cool is that I can get it in PINK!!!! We’ll have to wait and see.