Why another knitting blog? Well, because I can! And… I’m hoping that having a knitting blog will help me actually finish the multitude of projects I start then sadly get shelved because I want to start yet another project!

I am not even sure how many projects that I had started and shelved, or forgot about, or was distracted by another enticing project. At the moment, I am working on a wrap and a pair of long fingerless gloves, and have a million – ok so that’s an exaggeration – other projects I want to do! The other part of things is that I am hardly ever satisfied with the way something will come out. For example, the fingerless gloves I am working on… I finished one of them, but there are a few noticable mistakes. the plan is to knit up the second one and then decide whether or not I want to rip out the original and knit it all over again.

Then there is my other problem… Well, I wouldn’t classify it as a problem per say because I have plans for all of it… haha. Anyway, I have an addiction to yarn. Not the everyday affordable yarn that is available at the local Michaels… of course not… It’s the expensive, beautiful hand spun, etc. type yarn. I’ve just gotten 7 balls of Noro Silk Gardens, 1 ball of of a beautiful eggplant 100% cashmere lace weight, and about 3 or 4 hanks of a hot pink 100% Cashmere yarn, and I have more coming! The fingerless gloves I am working on are made of aran weight 100% cashmere… they are so unbelievable soft. The wrap is a cashmere, merino, mohair blend.

I suppose that’s all for now…