… and drink coffee! Well, decaf soy mocha latte for me. I went to my first knitting group meeting and had a great time. They are my kind of people; laid back, quirky, and love to laugh. I brought the scarf/wrap thing I’ve been working on with Life’s an Expedition: Venetian Lights yarn. Lovely and beautiful yes, easy to work with… eh, not so much. I mean, I manange just fine but it can be a pain.

If you look closely you can see that it is not twisted. The strands can easily be dropped or more.. . I’ve been getting little extra loops when I knit because one strand is a bit longer than the other – it seems that way anyway.

I am still “hemming” and “hawing” over the fingerless mitts and which pattern to use… I would love to do a pretty cable pattern but am so unsure if whether it’s the *right* pattern. Meanwhile, my poor hands are FREEZING!