So, when I got my adorable little netbook, I was thrilled! It was light and very portable, something I was looking for.  The keyboard was smaller to fit my hands.  I was using my iMac for all the graphic design/web design stuff I was working on.  So really, it was perfect.  However, I did not plan on my eyes getting worse, or the dryness (which great affects one’s eyesight) to be worse.  I also didn’t plan on my conditions progressing to the point where I can’t sit up at a desktop computer very much anymore.  Even though I have this cute, little, light, portable netbook, I have to squint in order to see what I am typing.  I do have the option to increase my font-size.  doesn’t quite work when it comes to images, or editing, or researching patterns.  Neil and I were planning on getting me a new laptop, nothing too huge or special just something that I could actually use to do “work.”  We were planning to get one after Neil’s tax returns came back.  Well, he’s getting back a THIRD of what we were expecting due to some stupid new tax law.

Yes, I bummed about the computer, but it’s a huge reminder of how things are in general.  We keep getting shit on time and time again.  Neil was supposed to get full-time by now, obviously didn’t happen.  I wasn’t expecting my health to decline as much as it has.  I’ve missed PT about 3 weeks straight now, and next time I go back I’m going to need her to work on my neck again.   Things need to change…  but how?