As the Winter Olympics closed, so did the Ravelympics (aka Knitting Olympics).  I had decided to try my skills at Canary Knits Sexy Vesty.  It’s a fairly easy pattern that kept me interested; however, I’m not sure if it was my own dyslexia getting the better of me or the pattern was hard to read (me thinks it was the former) but my Sexy Vesty had a few minor mistakes that aren’t really noticeable.  The variegation of Noro Silk Gardens yarn definitely helps hide the mistakes, hehe.  Anyway, as the clock was clicking away towards the Ravelympics Closing I was frantically trying to finish my Vesty in time to receive my “medal.”  I finshed 3 minutes before closing.  Better late than never, I say!  I’m proud of my Vesty. I’m proud of me for FINSIHING a garment!  A WEARABLE garment that I am not ashamed to go out in public in!

Now, I am fixing to cast on a pair of socks!  I just recently bought Sock Innovation, it’s a fantastic way to dive into knitting socks.  It talks about construction, reading and converting charts, adjusting patterns to fit, etc.  Plus a bunch of pretty sock patterns.  I did a gauge swatch (my first ever! Haha) of the lovely yarn that was given to me in a care package.  Only issue being that it’s slightly thicker than sock yarn.  My gauge swatch turned out to be too large.  I’m going to do another with a smaller amount of stiches (the book explains different ways to do this).  We’ll see what happens.