I attempted to make a video earlier tonight updating on some stuff.  I made the video…. then lost it.  I must not  have saved it correctly because when I went to find it, it was gone.  No trace.  Well, the up side is that it wasn’t a very good video anyway.   I look like crap, I sound stoned, and I am dealing with awful neck pain and headaches.  Seriously.  No joke.  Instead, I posted a little video of Kitten Face being cute!

I’m still knitting away.  I have 3 projects going right now.  The Pyroclastic Socks I mentioned in my last post.  They are a fun knit, I am nearly finished with the first sock.  The second is a simple cowl made with some 100% silk I’ve had in my stash for quite some time.  It’s an easy, no-thinking-required project to do when I am not up to much thinking.  The third is knitted mitred squares for a blanket I am working on.  I have SO MUCH acrylic yarn, which is really only good for afghans, than I know what to do with.  My sister is getting more into crocheting and will be getting some of the yarn.  Neil’s mother makes Granny Squared blankets all the time so some of it will go to her; and, after talking with her about the yarn I have and making blankets, we made an agreement that if I knit up the squares (I can’t crochet very much these days), she will seam them together and then sell them at the art fairs that she sends hers and split the profit!  Rock on!

I have also decided to list of three things I am grateful for everyday!

Today I am grateful for:

People who love me.

My cat to keep me entertained.

My Service Dog Shadow to help me with every day things.

Activities to keep me busy and my mind working.

Having things to do that can be down while laying down!