Pryoclastic socks have been ripped out and Money Socks have been cast on.  I decided it wasn’t worth the headache to try to do the math over for the second sock.  Lesson learned.  Next, I remembered some beautifully soft alpaca in my yarn stash and turns out I have enough for a sweater.  Awesome, I thought.  So, I find the pattern I want to do, Coraline by Ysolda Teagues.  I start on the gauge swatch which is only 4in x 4in, and in that little bit I had to rejoin the yarn about 5 times.  That’s approximately every two yards!  One looked like an actual break, the other were clean cuts.  I don’t know if I should email the company about it, or start the cardigan hoping that the other skeins are ok.  Sigh.