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Monthly Archives: January 2011

A friend of mine decided to do a little book challenge to read 50 books in 2011. I thought, Hey that’s a great idea! It well get me reading again! So I decided to do the challenge along with her. The number of books may seem low, but I figure 50 books in a year is doable; and when, and if, I reach 50 I may increase the number to 75 or 100 depending on where in the year I am at that time.

So, how does a person like me with a crappy memory and somewhat disorganized way of doing things keep track of all this? Well, firstly, Good Reads.  Good Reads is a website where you can add books to various list such as: read, to read, currently reading, etc.  You can also create your own lists to further organize your books such as: fiction, non-fiction, sci fi, historical fiction, etc.  As well as logging your books, you can also rate them, and leave comments about what you liked or didn’t like about each book.  There are groups to join which are basically online book clubs with a monthly book to read.  It’s a fantastic site, really!

The other way I’m going to keep track is with the Moleskin Passions Book Journal.

This journal is pretty awesome.  Some might think that it is completely frivolous, and they might be right. However, I think it is perfect for this project.  It would be interesting, I think, in a few years to be able to look back to this journal and see what I read this year.  It could show a lot about myself by the things I chose to read.  Or not.  I just think it’s a really cool idea for a journal.

When you open the journal the first thing you will find is a bookmark that matches the cover.  There is a pocket in the back cover of the book with two folders in it.  One of these folders contains sheets of stickers.  The stickers include things like: stars, “love it!”, hearts, smiley faces, frowns, etc.  as well as stickers to indicate added notes in another section of the journal.  Then it is set up very much like an address book with tabs for each letter of the alphabet.  It set up so that each page is a book (I’ve also given on page per series and commented on the series as a whole rather than each book singularly).  There is a space for the Title, Author, Publisher, and Year Published.  As well as spaces for Date Read.  There are bigger sections to record any notes and quotes that were memorable from the book and a sections to record your opinions of the book as well as rate it.  After this section there is a section of tabbed pages for whatever you to make it.  Either extended notes from book reviews, lists of books you would like to read, etc.  Then there is a section of blank pages that can also be used for whatever reason.  And lastly, there is an Index section broken up alphabetically with page numbers to make finding a book easy.  I honestly may get a second Book Journal to keep record of the Non-Fiction books I like to read!