Day Two’s prompt was to pay a compliment to a stranger. The idea behind this one is to think about when we’ve been complimented even though we were feeling really bad and thinking that we must look just as bad, but someone had mentioned how pretty your hair looked, or how a certain color looked really good on you, etc. This makes me think back to my friend’s wedding a few months ago. Because of complications from my conditions, I’ve put on some undesired weight and have been feeling really uncomfortable about it. Not only that, I just don’t have the money to be buying new clothes, never mind a dress to wear to a wedding.  I have a dress that I wore to another friend’s wedding and at the time it had been a little big on me, so I decided to wear it even though I still felt really self-conscious.  I continued to feel self-conscious throughout the night, but what had made it easier was people telling me how good I looked, or how much someone like the way I had done my hair. It’s amazing how one little sentence can really perk up someone’s day.

I wasn’t even really thinking about the Challenge the other day, but I did say some nice things to many people at my boyfriend’s folk’s cookout. Just seeing their eyes light up and seeing them smile is so worth it. There is something nice to say about mostly everyone you know, or everyone you choose to hang around. It doesn’t take much to pay them a little compliment now and again.