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All the more reason to stay home and under as many blankets as possible!  I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but we have a wondering warm room in our place.  Meaning, the warmest room in the house is always different.  Tonight it is the spare room/studio/craft room.  Neil, Shadow, sometimes Kitten Face, and I are camping out in the Wandering Warm Room.

I’m set up on the spare bed with my electric blanket and two afghans, craft bag with my knitting project, a book, a magazine, a sketchbook, and micron pens, lapdesk, and laptop, and will soon be accompanied by a hot cocoa.  What could be better!  The book I have with me is Respect The Spindle by Abby Franquemont (who also has a YouTube channel).  The lovely Sarah let me borrow this book because I have decided I wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn!  Yes, you read right, I have picked up yet another hobby!  I only have a couple of yards actually spun, and it’s not the best looking, but I still did it myself.  I haven’t done very much yet and you know what they say, practice makes perfect!  I’m not looking for perfect, I’ll settle for pretty and someone even… 🙂

Otherwise, there isn’t much to update on.  I am still working on Neil’s socks but am getting close to be almost done.  I have photograph my finished projects for my Ravelry page.  That’s about it!  My hot cocoa is calling me!


That’s pretty much what I’ve been looking at for the last few days.  I’ve been having this horrid pressure in my head for the past few days.   It feels like someone is pressing down on my head and gets worse when I sit up and unbearable when I stand and attempt to walk.  I have a feeling it’s a combination of skull and spinal compression due to the laxity of the ligaments and tendons holding the joints together.  It’s also possible that it’s Chiari I Malformation (Arnold Chiari Malformation) where the tonsils of the cerebellum hang through the bottom of the skull and, in turn, cause pressure on the spinal cord.  If it’s still like this by monday time to call the doctor.  Question is, which doctor, which specialist??  I honestly have no idea.  I’ll most likely end up calling the neurologist since he is the one doing all the MRIs.

With that said, I haven’t really been able to do much the last couple days.  Lots of blog reading, web surfing, and Facebook!  I’ve been knitting a bit, but not much to show.   I’m still working on the cowl wrap using the bane of my existence Life’s an Expedition: Tunisian Lights yarn.  This project is never ending.  I am now reminded why I prefer lace patterns.

Sigh, I wish I had something to show everyone (anyone? anyone at all?), I don’t seem to have the energy to even knit. Tonight is the first time in a few days I have any energy to be on the laptop! I made “some” progress today… I finished the cuff of one of the mitts. I have one finished completely, but there are a few spots I’ve screwed up on and am going to frog it. Now, it’s a matter of finding a better written cabling pattern. I have a few bookmarked. Hopefully tomorrow I will get more done and some photos taken and uploaded. My Ravelry page is desperately lacking in photos.