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OK, first… The frustrating stuff…

As I mentioned in my last post, I have injured my neck. Well, it isn’t getting any better. In fact, it’s worse. I am seeing my dr in the morning to see if there’s anything seriously wrong. Hopefully there isn’t. The only semi-comfortable position is lying flat on my back in bed. Not a great way to spend the day. It’s depressing, lonely, frustrating and aggrivating. I’ve been wanting to start and finish projects like finishing the knitted long fingerless gloves I’ve been working on, starting a new drawing, making some new bracelets to name a few. However, I can’t sit up long enough to be able to do these things.

Tonight I caved and took 2 percocets because the pain was so bad. Now I am dealing with the fun side effects of insomnia and tingly face…. awesome. Luckily, I take trazadone so that I can sleep. Frequent dislocations and subluxations doesn’t allow nice, uninterrupted, deep sleepy wonderfullness. No, everytime something slips, shifts, pulls, tugs, spasms, and oh so many wonderful thing accompanying EDS I am woken up yelping, gasping, crying… well, you get the picture. So my good friend trazadone allows me the deep sleep that my poor body desperately needs. Now I’m just waiting for it to kick in!

I’ll post an update about the dr visit.

Now onto the good news. My therapist confirmed the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome! You know, I thought that having an official diagnosis didn’t really matter to me. I know I have Asperger’s but having it actually confirmed by a trained professional gives me a definitive answer. Something to explain all my odd quirks, obsessions, etc. I’m not crazy! It is a very validating and liberating feeling. She has been helping me with ways to communicate to people that Shadow (my service dog) should not be distracted and that they aren’t allowed to pet them. It’s a real dilemna for me, I don’t want to be rude and say “Don’t pet him,” but I also need to say it and am afraid to and don’t know how to. She also has a Service Dog and gave me some great websites where I can order “do not disturb” and “do not pet” patches as well as cards that explain for me the purpose of a Service Dog and explaining that he is a working dog and should not be distracted or pet. She’s helping me find solutions, which has been really helpful. However, sadly, she has been reassigned to a local inpatient program and won’t be seeing individual clients anymore. The good news is that being a person with disabilities herself, she is starting a support group for younger people (teens- to about 50) with chronic illnesses and disabilities which I will be attending.