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The Flu is a nasty, nasty bug.  I thought that since I received a flu shot that I would be all set. Oh no! Not with this flu!


I’m just getting over the flu. I still have a nasty cough and my voice is really hoarse, but thankfully the fevers have calmed down and my chest doesn’t hurt so much. Man… this one was certainly a doozy. I started feeling sick about one and a half weeks ago. Started with an itchy throat and ears, then turned into a sore throat w/ fevers, which then turned into a sore throat, cough, chills, body aches, and really high fevers that sent me to the Emergency Room. Of course, I don’t own a thermometer so I don’t know how high the fever actually got, but the night I ended up in the ER, I couldn’t sleep because I was coughing so badly and was in a lot of pain from coughing so much. I actually think I subluxated a rib because I was coughing so hard, plus I felt a lot of pain. I was also having trouble breathing. About midnight, I decided to try my rescue inhaler to see if it would help me breathe easier, which it didn’t. I tried going to sleep, but couldn’t. I started to feel really feverish earlier that night and took some Tylenol before bed, but it didn’t seem to do much as I kept feeling more and more feverish. Around 3am I decided I should probably wake someone up to go to the ER. I ended up waking up my grandparents and we tried more Tylenol and ice on my forehead. An hour later, I still didn’t feel much better so we decided to head out. Thankfully, our town has a small satellite ER that’s good for these types of situations, and at 3:45am we were the only ones there.

I have to say, for a small town ER that many people complain about, I was taken really good care of. They sent me right in, and took my vitals immediately and took my information as we went along.  They also hooked me up with IV fluids and IV Toradal to try to get my fever down, it was 103*F when we got there, so who knows how high it actually was before I took the Tylenol an hour earlier.  My heart rate was up in the 130s while resting, which is really high, but my blood pressure was ok, higher than MY normal, but still pretty good.  They also gave me a breathing treatment hooked up to oxygen instead of the basic nebulizer and my oxygen was still only at 93% AFTER the breathing treatment, so I got connected to 2.5L of oxygen as well.  It was kind of scary to see how sick the flu can really make a person.  They were able to get my vitals stabilized and my oxygen got up to 97% (which is considered normal) and my fever made it down to 101*F and was instructed to keep taking Tylenol around the clock until the fevers stop. Oh, they also took a chest X-ray as the flu can cause pneumonia, and that’s something I want nothing to do with. Thankfully my lungs were clear! So now it’s been 5 days since the ER, and I started feeling sick about 5-6 days before that, and the flu typically lasts 7 days, so technically I should be over it by now. However, since when does my body with it’s crappy immune system do anything that’s “typical?” Haha! I’m just so glad I’m starting to finally feel better!