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Monthly Archives: December 2009

After recently looking at others blogs on, I found that I really liked the set up and I can add different pages and whatnot without having to set up whole different blogs!  Very exciting!  This way I can keep everything in one place and not go weeks (or months) without updating one or the other.  Hopefully those that have been following me on my previous blogs have found their way over here!  That’s if for now, I still have some graphic editing stuff I want to do on here then it’s off to my Knitting Group!


I give up, oh handwarmers! Needless to say, my beautifully soft cashmere yarn is not meant to be handwarmers. If it was, they’d be done already! Instead, methinks it’s more apt to become a neckercheif of some sort. Just need to figure out the best stitch/pattern for it. A big YAY to Vogue’s Stitchonary Vol. 1!! All kinds of pretty lace stitches to choose from!

But first, I need to finish the wrap/neckwarmer I’m working on that was mentioned in my previous post. I worked on it for a few hours in the last few days but turns out that even that little bit is enough to aggravate my wrists. So, no knitting for me today, sadly…

Lately my legs have been getting really achy. It’s a combination of feeling overworked and under-worked at the same time, if that’s even possible. It’s been driving me insane. I finally decided to dig out my old TENS, which desperately needs to be replaced, to see if that would help. Ta Da! I don’t know why I should be surprised, haha, but it did help. I stuck the patches right on my thighs and turned it on. the achy feeling started to go away immediately. I’m going to ask my PT for a new one since this helps so much.

Tonight I went to my first meeting of a knitting group. It was a great time. Great people. Great coffee. I had been wanting to join one for a while, but since I can’t drive it wasn’t really an option. One of the guys from the group has offered to give me a ride there! I love nice people! It’s great to get out of the house, even if it’s only a few hours a week. It definitely makes a difference. Knitting is sort of like therapy for me. It calms my mind and I am so grateful that I am still able to do it! It’s also good exercise for my hands. My OT is glad for that, too! If anyone is interested they should go check out my knitting blog: The Knit Ability.

… and drink coffee! Well, decaf soy mocha latte for me. I went to my first knitting group meeting and had a great time. They are my kind of people; laid back, quirky, and love to laugh. I brought the scarf/wrap thing I’ve been working on with Life’s an Expedition: Venetian Lights yarn. Lovely and beautiful yes, easy to work with… eh, not so much. I mean, I manange just fine but it can be a pain.

If you look closely you can see that it is not twisted. The strands can easily be dropped or more.. . I’ve been getting little extra loops when I knit because one strand is a bit longer than the other – it seems that way anyway.

I am still “hemming” and “hawing” over the fingerless mitts and which pattern to use… I would love to do a pretty cable pattern but am so unsure if whether it’s the *right* pattern. Meanwhile, my poor hands are FREEZING!

Yep, that’s right, I joined a local SnB and someone is even nice enough to come get me! See, I am no longer able to drive due to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and my boyfriend works second shift, which makes it rather difficult to really do anything during the week. With this, and the fantastic fellow, I will be able to get out of the house at least once a week! I am so excited! A friend of mine picked up a book for me Pints & Purls: Portable Projects for the Social Knitter! I am such a nerd, but I am OK with it! I just have to get my hands on my copy! There are actually a lot of neat patterns in it. There are a bunch of pictures of FO’s on the book’s Ravelry page. Hopefully, I can get it from my friend soon! Now it’s off to bed for me, have to be up early to get my retinas examined!

Ok so, I started PT and OT and it had been going GREAT! I love Aqua Therapy and it feels wonderful to be up and moving around and using my muscles. Unfortunately the past two appointments I haven’t been able to get in the pool. The first time I was having severe gastro-intestinal issues, and this past appointment my Dysautonomia went haywire. My blood pressure was elevated and my heart rate was too high. I sat there for about 15 min with my PT checking my vitals every 5min and eventually sent me home. I’m hoping it’s only a thyroid issue, my previous GP appointed resulted in elevated TSH (thyroid hormone) levels and I had it rechecked yesterday. If it is the thyroid it’s an easy answer… synthetic thyroid therapy. If not… I supposed it’s back to the cardiologist. I should find out in about a week, hopefully before Christmas.

My MRI results of my C-spine and brain were “normal,” I use the quotes because I know for a fact that there are some abnormalities, but not significant ones to a general neurologist. Someone more versed in EDS and Chiari would know what EXACTLY to look for. I’m going to seek a second opinion, I think. My neurologist still wants a Thoracic and Lumbar spine MRI and is talking to the sleep specialist about getting me a sleep study to check for Sleep Apnea, another “fun” thing that runs rampant amongst EDSers.

On a happier note, I am scheduled to be evaluated and fitted for a new awesome wheelchair on Jan 7th! After talking to the technician it looks like I will be getting a power chair with tilt function. He’s also going to help me with constructing a ramp outside my house and other practical things. Most likely an inside car lift for our Outback as well.

We’ll see what happens…. It sucks when there isn’t even enough energy left in me to play around on the computer.

Sigh, I wish I had something to show everyone (anyone? anyone at all?), I don’t seem to have the energy to even knit. Tonight is the first time in a few days I have any energy to be on the laptop! I made “some” progress today… I finished the cuff of one of the mitts. I have one finished completely, but there are a few spots I’ve screwed up on and am going to frog it. Now, it’s a matter of finding a better written cabling pattern. I have a few bookmarked. Hopefully tomorrow I will get more done and some photos taken and uploaded. My Ravelry page is desperately lacking in photos.